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If you are passionate about serving others, consider joining our 2023 Africa missions team! 


We invite you to join our team heading to Uganda and Kenya this December 6-23, 2023, for our Christmas Around the World Mission Trip!  While there, RURO will share the love and hope of Christ and bring Christmas to thousands of orphans and children living in extreme poverty. The team will also host a holiday party for many widows and vulnerable women RURO has sponsored. It will surely be an impactful, God-breathed trip, and we would LOVE for you to be a part! 


Applications are due no later than Sunday, October 15th.


The trip costs $5500 + a $100 application fee for new applicants. We can help you brainstorm fundraising ideas so that money isn’t a reason for you not to go. And to date, we have not had one person with great faith and a great plan not go on our trips.


Preparation And Commitment


  1. Will you discuss the trip with a mentor, pastor, or person from whom you generally seek guidance before sending your application?

  2. Will you agree to participate in all training and meetings required fully? (12:30-2:30 pm on September 24 and October 22, and 3-6 pm on December 3)

  3. Will you keep a journal describing what occurred and what God did in your life while on the trip?


As part of the RURO team, I realize I will have to:

  • Live with a thousand inconveniences

  • Keep up physically with the other team members

  • Follow directions as is best for all concerned

  • Have a positive, grateful attitude

  • Support and encourage the team and leaders

  • Have my passport information ready before beginning the application (Passport Information)

  • Passports must have pages free and be valid for at least six months after the return date.

I agree to be responsible for all financial amounts and deadlines, including full trip payment before departure.

I will work faithfully with the Lord so that my life will be a witness for Christ to all I come in contact with while on a Reach Up Reach Out Ministries trip.


If you agree with the above statements and you're passionate about serving others, please click the link to create a Managed Missions account and apply TODAY! 

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