We have BIG plans to change the world. But it won’t happen overnight. We commit to advancing the cause through a sustainable, holistic approach that is respectful of the individual communities and cultures we serve. We come alongside local organizations to assist and empower local leaders to overcome the challenges marginalized people face. One step at a time, we will launch initiatives to serve the countries we feel called to, starting with Uganda and Smile Africa Ministries.

Here are our initial strategies:

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Sponsorship Program:

  • Housing: Provide safe residences where orphans can live and thrive, ensuring food, water and other necessities.

  • Education: Provide school tuition fees and essential supplies, focusing primarily on educational excellence, character building and leadership.

  • Medical Care: Provide preventive health education and medical services to both orphans and widows.

  • Economic Development: Assist widows in occupational training and developing viable businesses.

Short Term Missions Trips:

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  • Collaboration: Work with local grassroots NGOs, our international partners and local communities and governments to effectively battle injustice.

  • Disaster Relief: Provide disaster relief as needed.

  • Building Projects: Construct and operate self-sustainable Christian schools for orphans that focus on both their spiritual and educational development.

  • Medical Missions: Assemble a team of medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to provide treatment, education and care for those in need of medical attention.

  • Worship and Creative Arts Camps: Assemble a team of worship leaders, artists, musicians, videographers and photographers and other “creative” to teach children how to worship God with their gifts through the arts.


Worship and Church Development:

  • Worship Leader Training: Work with churches and ministry teams to engage congregations in worship.

  • Coaching and Consultation: Provide one on one coaching and training for church administrators, other worship leaders, pastors and church teams.

  • Worship Music Recordings: Collaborate with other artists, musicians, writers and producers to create new worship music, projects and recordings where all proceeds go to financially support Reach Up Reach Out’s programs and endeavors in developing nations.