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Christmas In Africa 2019

Tororo, Uganda & Nairobi, Kenya

Our Christmas party in Uganda was an epic day of Celebration, Thanksgiving and Miracles! After days and days of rain and flooding in the area, God gave us a beautiful rainbow a day before the party to remind us of His faithfulness! There was NO RAIN during the party! Nothing but sunshine and a reminder of God’s promises!

We also witnessed hundreds of salvations, as children made decisions to follow Christ! We experienced miraculous favor at the Kenyan border with the shoes for the children being released just in time for the celebration AND heavenly joy like we’d never seen before in the 4000 children! God is so good and He does good...through us all. We saw His power and love at work in us and through us!


Our 2 Christmas parties in beautiful Kenya took place at two amazing local organizations- MCF (Mully Children’s Family and Compassionate Hands for the Disabled Foundation- saw over 1000 children receive the love and hope of Jesus! We also provided tons of fun, gifts and delicious holiday meals! These children won’t soon forget this day of celebration!


Thank you to our donors and prayer partners! Your support changed lives!!

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