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We are advancing our vision of serving orphans, widows and vulnerable people through a sustainable, holistic approach that is respectful of the individual communities and cultures we serve. We come alongside local organizations to assist and empower local leaders to overcome the challenges marginalized people face. Taking one step at a time, we have launched initiatives to serve the nations and communities we feel called to, starting with East Africa (Uganda and Kenya), Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Haiti, and our own backyard, Los Angeles, California.

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  • Housing: Through our local partnerships, we provide safe residences where orphans and street children can thrive, ensuring food, water and medical attention.

  • Education: We provide school tuition fees and essential supplies, focused primarily on educational excellence, character building and leadership.

  • Medical Care: Through our local partnerships, we provide preventive health education and medical services to vulnerable children, women and families.

  • Economic Development: We assist widows and vulnerable women in obtaining occupational and entrepreneurial training and development. Upon completion, women are able to become financial independent, providing for themselves and their children.


  • Collaboration: We have the honor of working with local international partners, communities and governments to effectively battle injustice.

  • Disaster Relief: In the wake of natural disasters, we provide relief as needed.

  • Medical Missions: We assemble a team of  medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to provide treatment, education and care for those in need of medical attention.

  • Christmas Parties: We love to celebrate Jesus' birthday with some of the most amazing kids around the world! Thousands receive not only the gospel, but a new gift or toy, new clothes and shoes, an epic party with rides, contests and performances, and a holiday meal. 

  • Worship and Creative Arts Camps: We gather a team of worship leaders, dancers, artists, musicians, photographers and other “creatives” to awaken these gifts in the hundreds of orphans at our summer camp. We model what worship is for children how to use their gifts through the arts.

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